Dou Yuan Machinery Co., Ltd. has beed exploring the technologies persistently +in th field of material handing system since 25 years ago. With the expertise in crane system, we provide our clients from various industries with qualified equipments and service. Our utmost efforts focus at safety of accident-free, efficiency of speed and good space management in order that the clients achieve cost.

  1. Quality
    All the members of Dou Yuan Machinery Co., Ltd. acknowledge obtaining ultimate excellence in quality of produces, works and service to customers as the center core of operations of the company. This spirit drives the company toward persistent improvement on.
  2. Safety
    We always carry out through assessment on conditions of operation and environments before contraction supply of our products. Thus to ensure absolute safety for the workers, the workpiece and the surrounding properties. We believe in that's safety equals.
  3. Honesty
    Above the operations of the company, Honesty is a commanding fundamental which governs our behaviors covering activities of management, manufacturing, dealing, servicing, etc. Honesty creates harmony relationship among friends, vendors and clients, and all the involving business parties. We are strongly after the growth which comes out of this moral sense.
  4. Living and Thriving Together
    Customers' grown and prosperity is the foundation of survivng and developing for our company. Alternately, we are willing to contribute our knowledge and experience to our customers and business partner in pursuing the goal of Living and Thriving.